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Why a Red Eye ™  ?

   Every cameraman, will at some point, be in a location where they'll need a wide shot.   Possibly due to focal length or space limitations, the cameraman may not be able to get the wide shot needed.  This situation would call for a temporary wide angle adapter.

The Red Eye ™ concept comes from nearly 30 years of camera experience, 
developed by the Canadian based Director of Photography and Freelance Cameraman Renι J. Collins.

  The Red Eye ™ is arguably the most cost effective professional wide angle adapter on the market.  

  It's a cost effective solution for the freelance cameraman or for television stations needing to equip a large camera department.

  The Red Eye ™ is both light and small and is literally the size of a screw on camera filter.

  The Red Eye ™ works well in shots where a dramatic angle is needed to increase perspective, to accentuate the effects of fast motion, or on shots that float through a room on a steadycam, to smooth movement.

  This quality product, made in Calgary, Canada, solves both the cost and weight problems, making The Red Eye ™ both practical and providing excellent quality.