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What cameramen say..

""...I own both the Canon 3X and 20X lenses and use a .7X on both, depending on the situation. 
The one that I use is the .7X  HDV Red Eye FX (partial zoom through), and I'm happy with the results. 
The Optex .7X that I used to use did make my 14X Manual, 20X AF and 
16X Manual Servo lenses slightly front heavy and impossible to use a lens shade etc, 
but I do not notice any difference in handling or weight with the Red Eye as it is not much larger than 
a normal UV filter. The Red Eye FX lens allows me to use the IS of the Canon 20X lens 
(handy in certain circumstances) and also to go extreme wide when fitted to the front of the 3X lens..."

Tony Davies-Patrick

I bought the .7X HDV Red Eye wide angle adapter 
from Collinscraft, on the recommendations of Tony Davies-Patrick. 
It's wonderful.
It's filter sized, weight virtually nothing, and can be used on any lenses, 
your 20X with OIS, your manual lens, your 3X if you want a greater wide angle effect,
 you can also use it on your XLH1, XHA1 DVX100, or any other 72mm lens. 
It is exceptionally sharp and very little distortion. You get the best of both worlds!..."

Jean-Philip Archibald

"I am delighted with the Red Eye it gets me
pictures in places I didn‘t dare to go before."

Shay Casserley, Ireland

"The Red Eye has got me out of several tight
spots. Fantastic product at a great price."

Peter Burns
Lighting Cameraman UK

"My Red Eye again, is the talk of my buddies,
I used it with a Tiffen polarizer on all the beach
shots, and the results are magnificent."

Charlie Iglesias, Puerto Rico

"Beloved user of the Red Eye. And true believer. :-)"

Bill Farnsworth, U.S.

"I have the Red Eye: great piece of equipment...."

Dominique Christian Mollard, Spain

"The Red Eye arrived this morning - it’s absolutely
brilliant, what can I say? A very satisfied customer.
Perfect for me because I work alone much
 of the time and need small, light and
compact accessories. "


"Your Red Eye is a wonderful product"

Hong Kong