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What’s the difference between a  zoom through and a  non-zoom through wide angle adapters?

A "zoom through" wide-angle adapter is what's technically known as an "Afocal" attachment.
“Afocal” means that there is no focal point produced by the adapter, but rather a resizing of the image.   
“Afocal” adapters work both ways, as a wide-angle adapter or as an image magnifier.  
Typically, a zoom through adapter uses two to three lenses in its design.

The Red Eye wide-angle adapter works differently in that it does have a focal point BUT it exists
in front of the lens as a virtual image. The only means of seeing the image with a
camera lens is to use a macro adjustment, auto focus feature, or manual focus.

Can I zoom with the Red Eye?

It Depends on the camera system used.... If a Red Eye is used on a broadcast television
camera lens, the answer is no.  The Red Eye was designed as a non-zoom through
wide-angle adapter for use with broadcast television cameras.   

But… pro-sumer HDV  or DV cameras are the exception.

The original Red Eye wide angle adapter has been modified to meet the demands
of the current camera formats. In most cases, when using HDV or DV camera,  in auto focus mode,  
the cameraman will be able to maintain focus while zooming using the Red Eye. 
This is a function of the camera more than the Red Eye wide-angle adapter.  Nonetheless, you will
 be able to cover roughly ½ the zoom range using the HDV  or DV camera’s auto focus feature. 

Will it work with my DV camera?

Generally yes...  but not all HDV or DV cameras can focus in at very close range. 
To make these cameras work with the Red Eye wide angle adapter, the operator may
need to use the auto focus feature should there be difficulty focusing using the focus ring. 
In short, if your DV camera is equipped with a macro feature, then the Red Eye should work
with your DV camera.
 Testing is always recommended to ensure that the Red Eye wide-angle
adapter is suitable to your needs.

Can I use the Red Eye with a film camera?

Yes...The Red Eye can be used on wide angle PRIME LENSES or lenses with 
focal lengths shorter than 32mm on 135 mm film lenses.  The short focal length of these lenses
allows the operator to focus on the virtual image created by the Red Eye.

Can I use the Red Eye with my digital photography camera?

 It will depend on the minimum focal distance of the lens (MFD).  Testing will be
required to see if it will work with your camera lens system and to ensure it is suitable  your needs.