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Dear Fellow Cameramen,

 I personally wish to thank you for supporting my product. I developed The Red Eye™ wide-angle adapter in the early 90’s out of necessity. As a professional cameraman, I had found that the existing products on the market were either too expensive for what they did or did not suit my professional needs. The Red Eye is an innovative product that does exactly what it was designed to do. 

Thanks to the feedback we received from our customers, we’ve developed a new line of Red Eye wide-angle adapters to better meet your needs: The Red Eye™ FX. 

The Red Eye™ FX wide angle adapters are designed to meet the requirements of high end prosumer and broadcast cameramen using HDV systems who require a higher degree of optical performance from The Red Eye™ wide angle adapter.  

Made from a high grade glass with low dispersion qualities, The Red Eye™ FX has reduced barrel distortion, improved resolution, AR coatings,  improved contrast and are available in a broad range of .X powers. 

I am sincerely interested in your comments and feedback. We are constantly keeping 
The Red Eye™ up to date and regularly redesign or develop new product to keep up with changing camera technology and the needs of cameramen. Our success over the past 14 years has been due to the cameramen like you who own The Red Eye™ wide-angle adapter and provide feedback to help improve a great product. 

If you have any questions, you can reach me at this e-mail address: redeye@collinscraft.com

Once again, a sincere Thank you for your support. 

Best regards, 

René J. Collins
Collinscraft Canada