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"It's a  wide angle adapter that thinks it's a filter!"  
    David O'Keefe,  Freelance Cameraman, Toronto, Canada

For the professional Television Industry
Since 1994

Cameraman Renι J. Collins
creator of the Red Eye
wide angle adapter

Designed by cameramen  for   cameramen

Hand Crafted Leather Case included with every Red Eye™ wide-angle adapter !

High Quality 
Multi Layer AR Coating
Low weight
Compact Size

37 mm Red Eye Fx ™  HD .7x - .5x
62 mm Red Eye Fx ™  HD .7x - .5x - .4x
72 mm Red Eye Fx ™ HD .7x - .5x - .4x
72 mm Red Eye Fx ™  HD .65x   
77 mm Red Eye Fx ™  HD .65x
82 mm Red Eye ™ Aspheric .7x

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The  Red Eye
™ , The Red Eye Fx ™  nnd 
are trademarks of  Collinscraft Canada
a division of 736687 Ab Ltd, 1994